Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award

The Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award is a travelling prize presented to initiatives within a specific city that utilise partnerships to improve the quality of life and the quality of the urban environment.

The winners are selected by an independent jury following an open call for applications. Since 2007, the award, worth USD 100,000, has been presented to initiatives based in Mumbai, São Paulo, Istanbul, Mexico City, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. This year, in 2014, the award will be presented to an initiative in the wider Delhi area.

The award celebrates the Urban Age mission that connects quality of life to the quality of the urban environment. Created to encourage people to take responsibility for their cities and form new alliances, the award will be given to projects that improve the urban conditions of their communities and the lives of their residents.


DEUTSCHE BANK URBAN AGE AWARD WINNER ANNOUNCED: 3 December 2013, Rio de Janeiro: The winners of the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award (DBUAA) Rio 2013 are PLANO POPULAR VILA AUTÓDROMO and PONTILHAO CULTURAL. Two other projects received honourable mention: CENSO MARÉ e AGÊNCIA DE REDES PARA A JUVENTUDE.

We are happy to announce that this year's Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award Ceremony will take place on December 3, 2013 at the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro

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